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Large biped terrorizes campers - Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Washington - 2019

Location of incident: [REDACTED] - Skamania County, Washington

Date of incident: June 2019

Description of Incident:

In June of 20​19 my older brother and i were camping off of NF-[REDACTED] near [REDACTED] Creek in Skamania County. after a half mile hike we set up camp for the night. We fished and caught some dinner, after eating the days catch, and cleaning up, we settled in for bed early as we were tired from sharing a bottle of bourbon.. we were in our tent, quietly talking and starting to get drowsy when all of a sudden something ran by us- on two legs....something very large and heavy. footsteps thudded along the ground. i swore the ground shook. we looked at each other with eyes bulging out of our heads, and i told him to go see what it was.....he replied, 'no fucking way' and as we had no sidearms or weapons, we both just sat there terrified for the rest of the night. at daybreak we broke camp and left there looking for tracks but the ground was bare and there was no sign of our midnight visitor except for our experience. that was no person, a person would not be running like that at 1am in the morning. i haven't been back there since. i don't believe in bigfoot. but don't know what else it could be. was on two legs. two.

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