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Bigfoot sighting through rifle scope - Umatilla National Forest - Wenaha Hunt Unit - 2017

I was hunting in the Wenaha Unit in the Umatilla National Forest in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington. Solo trip. Got up early to glass some clearcuts and check water sources nearby my campsite.

An overgrown logging road separated my campsite from what I expected to be a good area to catch sight of muley.

After getting to a decent overlook spot, I glassed for about an hour maybe just under that and did not notice a thing. Something on the other side of the valley stole my attention. A large stump I had glassed over during a previous sweep had moved.

I figured it was a bear that had been facing away from me. About 500 yards away from me. I glassed the hillside again with my spotting scope. I had a bear tag as well.

I glassed that hillside for another hour or so before I saw a large hairy stump stand up and move in five quick steps about 30 or more yards into the tree-line.

I can not tell you what it was. It was not a bear. Same colors as a black bear, but it was not a black bear. It had stood up and walked on two legs into the trees. You all better not steal my hunting area. I get very little traffic around the place I like to go.

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