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Wood Knocks - Bonneville Dam - Skamania County - Washington State

Truly not sure the date. I think I was active the most the year indicated. I’m not anymore. I was running a repeater site for search and rescue during a mission near eagle creek Oregon. The repeater gets set up in Washington in skamania county. I could point on a map where this was.

Weather was fair, probably in the high 70’s during the day and 50’s at night. We were fairly close to bonneville dam power lines. Camped maybe 300 yards above them.

What I witnessed was knocks on the power line towers. This occurred all night. Irregular intervals and power (loudness?) sometimes the knock was really loud and sometimes less loud or powerful. The knocks would happen in bursts and be silent for irregular lengths of time. 5-30 minutes apart. Sometimes only one knock and up to probably 5 consecutive.

I was with 2 other people at the time and no other teams were in the area. No other vehicles were noticed in our are either nor was it an area normally used for dispersed camping. The 2 others that were with me didn’t really seem to think much of it or appear to care.

I’ve always wanted to go back and investigate but had forgotten about this until I saw the tiktok made and it reminded me of that night.

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