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About Us


Tanner Hoskins

Co-Founder/Lead Investigator

Tanner is a proud Husband and Dad and was born and raised in Oregon. Tanner is an amputee of the right leg, and despite this handicap, he remains an avid-outdoorsman without using any accommodations. 

Tanner has over a decade of experience in private security and public safety and is a major contribution to the team. Tanner is not only the Host of the Missing Person's Unit Podcast, he's also responsible for contacting witnesses, vetting report submissions, and strategic planning for reaching investigation locations in the wilderness. currently studies Wildlife and Forestry Conservation at Penn Foster.

When he isn't working Tanner enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, and off-roading. 


Kelly S.

Co-Founder/Lead Field Researcher

Kelly was born and raised on a rural ranch in Montana and has spent the majority of his life in the remote wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Kelly is an avid outdoorsmen and enjoys hunting, hiking, backpacking, and off-roading. Kelly is an expert in military reconnaissance and wilderness survival and has put thousands of miles on his boots tracking wildlife all over the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

Mike P.

Co-Founder/Field Researcher

Mike was born and raised in rural Montana, a highly trained military veteran who enjoys being in the pacific northwest wilderness. Mike is an avid-outdoorsman with a love for backpacking, hunting, and off-roading. 

Despite Mike and Kelly's experience with three unknown bipedal-beings in the wilderness of Washington State, Mike remains skeptical and openminded to what could be roaming the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Alberto Q.

Field Researcher

Alberto was born and raised in southern California before moving to NW Oregon. Alberto is an outdoorsmen through and through and enjoys backpacking, camping, hiking, and off-roading. 

Alberto has had his fair share of interactions with the paranormal in his lifetime and is a huge benefit to the team when it comes to researching these unknown bipedal creatures of the Pacific Northwest. 

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