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Meet the Team


Tanner Hoskins

Co-Founder/Lead Investigator

Tanner, born and raised in NW Oregon, is a proud Husband, Dad and avid-outdoorsman. 

Tanner, now medically retired, has over a decade of experience in private security and public safety. Thanks to his experience investigating criminal and civil cases, Tanner is responsible for contacting witnesses, vetting report submissions, and the strategic planning for all wilderness expeditions. 

Tanner is currently studying Wildlife and Forestry Conservation and enjoys exploring the backcountry, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, and off-roading. 


Kelly S.

Co-Founder/Lead Field Researcher

Kelly was born and raised on a rural ranch in Montana and has spent the majority of his life in the remote wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Kelly served in the Montana National Guard and is an expert in military reconnaissance and wilderness survival.

Kelly is a proud Dad, loving Husband, and when he has free-time Kelly enjoys being in the great outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Mike P.

Co-Founder/Field Researcher

Mike was born and raised in rural Montana. Mike met Kelly while serving in the Montana National Guard and is also an avid-outdoorsman and expert in Military Reconnaissance.

 When Mike isn't at work, Mike enjoys hunting, hiking, backcountry exploration, and off-roading.


Alberto Q.

Field Researcher

Alberto was born and raised in southern California before moving to NW Oregon. Alberto is an outdoorsmen through and through and enjoys backpacking, camping, hiking, and off-roading. 

Alberto has had his fair share of interactions with the paranormal in his lifetime and is a huge benefit to the team when it comes to researching these unknown bipedal creatures of the Pacific Northwest. 

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