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Hairy Biped Sighting - near Rhododendron , OR - 2021

Updated: May 30, 2023

First name: [REDACTED]

Last name: [REDACTED]


Date of incident (if known): Oct 4, 2021

Approximate time of encounter: 05:00

Description of incident:

Was traveling East on Hwy 26 between mp 45.5 (between Staley's Junction and Manning) and slow moving turnout heading to work. Doing about 45 mph, up ahead on the right I noticed a yellowish large leaf start moving to the right "this is a ceder ,pine forest" It caught my eye as out of place. Realized it's on a huge hairy shoulder with a arm hanging down. I let off the accelerator slowed slightly as I was looking at this it slid or glided to the right behind a huge tree. I did not stop or hit my brakes. Thinking at first was that a bear? No. Was it what just popped in my head , No way it could of been a bear . Nope I wrestled with the thought to work. Maybe a little long story to type out . Found out later in the day this was supposed to be a hot spot for sightings . I work for a Oregon State Agency, will discuss it in private but will not go public die to my job.

Moved here in 2020

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