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Pacific Northwest Missing Persons Project

On average, more than 1,100 people get lost in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest every single year. 

Of those 1,100 people, 90% are recovered alive, 8% are recovered deceased, the other 2% vanish without leaving a trace.

Pacific Northwest Missing Persons Project was created in May 2021 after a few families and friends of those that have gone missing requested we keep an eye out for their loved-ones personal belongings while we were in the field investigating Sasquatch incidents and activity. We determined, we're out in the wilderness investigating Sasquatch lets also use this as a chance to help bring answers or closure to countless grieving families. 

Our hope with sharing this mapping project is that you too may reference it while planning your own recreational activities in the Pacific Northwest, and remain vigilant for anything that may bring answers or closure to a grieving family.

Note: Last map update was 02/08/2024

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