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Bigfoot stalks camper in Olympic National Forest - Washington - 2021

D​ate of Incident: August 13th, 2021

Location of Incident/Encounter: [REDACTED] in the Olympic National Forest

Description of incident:

It was about 8pm and the sun was starting to sit, I heard what I thought might be a black bear up in the trees a few hundred yard from I was camped. At first I could hear it moving along the tree tops breaking branches and making very loud and slow movements.

At about 10pm I put on some music and the sounds started up again except that this time it sounded like it fell from the tree, because of the amount of branches being broken. I shut the music off immediately and went to scope out the area near the logging road. Again, all I heard was a few sounds and then nothing.

I decided to call it an evening and went to bed, the noises started up and this time I could tell they were getting closer. For the time between midnight and 5am I swear there was something stalking my camp, walking the perimeter.

Multiple times I opened the top of my roof top tent to look for this thing with a high power spotlight but found nothing. Each time I would settle back down and fall asleep I would be re-waken with a feeling I was being watched.

The footsteps were walking extremely slowly all night and with each step the breaking of branches or movement of rocks.

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