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Vocalizations - Ochoco National Forest - 2021

Date of incident: September 11th, 2021 Location of incident: [REDACTED] - Ochoco National Forest Description of incident:

My nam​e is, [REDACTED on behalf of Reporting Party (R/P)], I was dispersed camping with my Wife and a friend from New Jersey near the [REDACTED campground in the Ochoco National Forest. When we arrived at our campsite it was immediately apparent that something was strange. There wasn't any animal noises and I never noticed any small game the entire time we were at our campsite. No birds chirping, no squirrels or chipmunks, nothing.

It was about 2:30am when I awoke and exited my tent to relieve myself. As I was doing so, about 150 feet from camp I heard the smack of wood hitting wood about a half a mile or a mile from camp to the West. It sounded like a baseball player swinging a bat as hard as they could against a tree. I wasn't sure what could make the sound and started my way back to camp when I heard it again, from the same direction. It repeated itself roughly every five to ten seconds and appeared to be getting closer to camp with each whack. As I got back to my tent my Wife was awake and had heard the sound as well. We laid awake and listened for about 10 minutes before a second knock occurred to the East of camp. That was the first time I thought "this is some sort of communication". After the second whack sounded from the East whatever was making the sound to the West began responding. These wood knocks responding to each other lasted for about five minutes with only 10-30 seconds between each response.

Follow-up interview: - Tanner Hoskins (Lead Investigator for PNW Bigfoot Search I spoke with the Witness in person about a week after their incident. I will refer to Mr. [REDACTED] as "Reporting Party" (R/P) throughout this writeup, R/P has camped in the Pacific Northwest many times and calls this portion of the United States home. R/{ has never had an experience with Bigfoot and doesn't believe he had ever heard a sound related to a possible Bigfoot prior to the experience reported.

The R/P is someone I know personally and is extremely credible and is a trained observer.

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