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Motorist sees dark colored bipedal creature cross forest road - Tillamook State Forest, Oregon - Bigfoot?

Date of incident (if known):: Nov 8, 2008

Approximate time of encounter:: 14:30

Description of incident: I was out for a drive in the Tillamook State Forest south of browns camp. I was driving my 2004 F150 on my way to saddle mountain not the clatsop county saddle mountain.

It was getting dark, and I was making my way into a spot I camped at before then. Saw something big cross the road on two legs ahead of me. Good 200 feet from where I planned to camp for the weekend. I did not investigate. I drove past where I seen it. Did not see it in the woods. I drove ahead to the campsite turned around at the campsite and went back closer to browns camp for the night. Scared the hell out of me. Not human no bear. Something big on two feet.


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