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Kings Mountain Howler - Tillamook State Forest - Oregon

Name:: Not Provided
Date of Incident: April 6th, 2023
Description of incident:: 
I was hiking along Kings Mountain in April, I couldn’t make it as far in as I’d had liked to due to the amount of snow on the trail, roughly 8 inches in spots. 
It may have been a mountain Lion, but I heard high pitch screams that truly sent goose bumps down my entire body. 
As if a woman was being murdered. 
There were no other cars or trucks parked in the parking lot of the trailhead so I assumed it was a Lion and left the area. 
About a mile from the trail head I heard an additional sound. This sound wasn’t a scream it was a howl. Like a wolf. Very loud and bounced around the canyon I was in. Walking along Elk Creek. This creek and trail is along elk creek at a lower elevation than the actual Kings Mountain hike.
Anyway, thought you’d all like to know about it.
Saw a Jeep along [Removed for Team safety] with your logos on it. Thought it would be worth letting you all know and take a look. 
I don’t want to be contacted. Think it’s really important that you’re taking the time to research this topic. There’s something in the woods, especially on King Mountain. It’s roadless now. Anything that wants to avoid humans will do so up there.


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