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Bigfoot Sighting - Mt. Jefferson, Oregon - 2021

Date of incident: September 13th, 2021

Location of incident: Mount Jefferson, Oregon (Actual location redacted)

Description of incident:

My cousin and I were walking along [Redacted] creek towards the [Redacted] River to do some trout fishing, we always try to be quiet while in the forest in hopes we can spot wildlife while adventuring.

We were between [Redacted] creek and [Redacted] creek, we both saw what we thought was a black bear in the water, possibly fishing or drinking. The dark mass spotted us and stood up on two feet, appearing to be about 7.5 feet tall. We both realized it wasn't a bear, we both purchase our black bear tags each year and hunt black bear at least every two years, we know what these bears look like and this thing was not a black bear.

We dropped our fishing poles and began backing away. It watched us for less than a minute, but it felt like eternity, before it headed up the bank into the trees, as it reached the tree line it stood for a few seconds and watched us a little longer before taking two big steps and disappearing into the forest.

We ran back to the truck as quickly as the terrain would allow and left the area.

I have hunted and fished these lakes for most of my life, but I refuse to go back to this location. Our fishing gear may still be in the location, we never went back to get it.

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