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Strange Whistles near Oregon & California border - 2022

First name: [REDACTED]

Last name: [REDACTED]


Date of incident (if known): Dec 17, 2022

Approximate time of encounter: 06:00

Description of incident:

We were waiting on a second float boat at a small campground boat launch on HWY 197 just up and off of the HWY 101 North. It was Cold and raining and my friend and me were sipping on coffee outside of the Rigs. Both our Dads were still in the trucks waiting for the second boat to arrive. Out of nowhere we hear four consecutive lound and long whistles Boom-Boom-Boom-----------Boooom. was the rythem of what only can be described as a 900 hundred pound bird in the dark.

We both looked at each other and whispered WTF was that? I then tried my best to copy everything about the whistles obviously not reaching the level of sound at all. As the second truck started coming up the highway towing a boat with big offroad tires on wet pavement getting closer and closer the reply from my effort comes blasting out of the woods. It was so loud that we could hear it over the truck going by at the same exact time ....absoulutley incredible to have this happen as we both to this day have no idea what on earth could make the same repeated four part whistel with the same rythem and with that level of sound, what ever it was it was clearly not human.

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This is my report please feel free to use my name on the Report Stephen Shea

Me gusta

20 oct 2023

This is Stephen Shea and this is my report please contact me

Me gusta

26 jul 2023

Please let me know of

you want me to finish this story

Me gusta
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