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Sighting of multiple Bigfoot - Mt. Hood National Forest - Oregon

Date of incident: January 17th, 2020

Location of incident: Clackamas River - North of Ripplebrook

Description of incident:

"I have had four strange incidents and one encounter have occurred within five miles of these coordinates over the past four years while I was working for the US Forestry Service (USFS).

First: Wood knocks, whistles, and the feeling of being watched while working for the USFS in the area.

Second: In 2018, myself and three other USFS employees witnessed three large, hair covered bipeds walking along a ridge about half a mile from these coordinates (REDACTED). Two were possibly adult, one was definitely a juvenile. They spotted us and the tallest of the group yelled at us, an extremely deep sound that I swear to this day I felt in my chest, even from that distance. The three beings then crouched down and disappeared. We never saw them actually walk out of the area but when we reached the location we had seen them at, there was nothing to be seen except for a strong skunky/decaying meat odor.

Three: Almost a year after the sighting I located footprints near a lake in this area accompanied by tree structures, trees that were laying against each other in an "X" or teepee style formation. Some of the trees were upside down, roots sticking straight into the air, with their tops lodged into the dirt. Some of the trees in the area were bent into an arch, leading towards the tree structures, almost like they're encouraging something to travel that path as it was the least resistance to traverse.

Four: My most violent encounter occurred in 2020. I had ventured into the area on foot with one of my closest friends. Our plan was to have a relaxing three nights away from the normal routine of life and celebrate retiring. Snow was about two feet deep and we had to trek in on foot from the logging road nearby. We had heard what we thought could be a bear in the forest around us and fired off a single shot from a shotgun we had with us, hoping to scare it away from us. After we fired the shot we didn't hear any sounds in the brush, we didn't hear a sound at all until that evening.

In the evening we had rocks and tree branches thrown at us, landing about 10 feet from our tents, just on the outskirts of our campfire light. When I say we had tree branches thrown, I mean they were just under three feet in diameter. All night the first night we heard whoops, screams, and a chattering sound coming from the forest around us. Sometimes sounding far off, other times sounding like it could be right next to us.

We stayed around the fire all night, firearms in hand, and quickly departed once it was light enough to trek back to our trucks.

Please know that many of us have had encounters but we are told not to discuss them publicly.

After reading through your website I believe that you are onto something in regards to the missing persons and incidents attributed to sasquatch going hand in hand.

I believe if we were not armed that night, we wouldn't have made it home to talk about it.

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