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Mapping Projects

We believe that by tracking and plotting locations of sasquatch sightings, vocalizations, and tracks along with Missing Persons cases we can better understand what is happening in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. We work hand in hand with the Washington State Police, Oregon State Police, and NAMUS to create our Missing Persons maps.

For the best sasquatch (Bigfoot) map on the internet, please follow the link below to our good friends at the Bigfoot Mapping Project. Their map is updated at least once per week and is the most relevant information on the internet. 


Venturing into the wilderness locations plotted on either of these maps, without proper training in wilderness survival and navigation, could cause you to get lost and could lead to serious injury and death.

Bigfoot Mapping Project

Missing Persons Map

Google Earth Mapping Project of Missing Persons cases in the Pacific Northwest

Click on the image above to open our Missing Persons case map, created by Tanner Hoskins, using Google Earth.

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